We are Hummingbird!
A band which assigns its music to the genres trip-hop and electronica.
Tough beats, concise guitars, spherical sounds, melancholic voices with a clear message. Three musicians from different projects tell their stories together.



What sounded grim and sluggish in the nineties sounds positive and hopeful at Hummingbird. The band members Tom, Patt and Luise bring their experiences together from stylistically different previous projects and create their own sound.
While TOM (GUITAR) comes from the alternative / rock genre and lives up to the epic and rocking part in the band, LUISE (VOICE) goes away from the rock and works in a controlled, angelic voice through "COME INTO MY BRAIN". PATT (DJ & Keys) also brings the trio together on stage and mixes the sound of the three.
The static beats are fully supported by the guitar and make you feel like you're in a trance. Luise tells stories from love, longing, relationships and friendships to social conflicts.


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